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Case style Example Description
Upper case THE FIBERS ARE IN MY FRESH FRENCH PASTA. All letters are in uppercase (All-caps)
Capital case The Fibers Are in My Fresh French Pasta. All words starts in capitalized letter
Title case The Fibers Are in My Fresh French Pasta. Words start in capital letter except for stop words
Sentence case The fibers are in my fresh french pasta. The first word of every sentence are capitalised
All-lowercase the fibers are in my fresh french pasta. All letters are in lowercase

5 mistakes people make while writing and how you can avoid them

People say "Don't judge a book by its cover" but they always judge someone based on their handwriting, grammar, and spelling. Imagine losing a job opportunity because of a simple grammatic mistake on your resume. No one wants that. Instead, you can impress people with correct sentence formatting. Below are the correct writing methods you need to pay the closest attention to for great content writing.

#1: Don't Use All Words in Upper-Case Letters

Using all words in uppercase may be okay for a title. But some people use all words in a paragraph in capitalized letters to make it stand out. But please don't do it, it's just hard on the eyes. People might just imagine the author has some anger issues. Use bold letters to highlight your words instead of caps. Did someone send you a message in all capital letters? Do not worry, just hit the convert uppercase to lowercase in the online tool.

#2: Start Any New Sentence with an Upper-Case Letter

This is one of the basics of writing. A sentence can either end with a dot or question mark or exclamation mark. But you might have accidentally written a paragraph with sentences starting in lower case and want to correct it. What if I say you can correct it with a few clicks? Yes, you read it write. Now you can convert lowercase to sentence case with this tool.

#3: Hit Spacebar Before Every New Sentence

This not only makes you grammatically correct. Space before a sentence makes it easy for the readers to read the phrase.

#4: 'I' Should be Capitalized When Referring to Yourself

The word/letter 'I' Should be in uppercase Whenever you're referring to yourself. Did you forget to capitalize 'I' in your paragraph? We got the feature on our tool as well.!

#5: Names of Individual People And Places Should be Capitalized

The names of individual persons, places, institutions, or individual events should all start with a capital letter. For this case, you should use the replace feature of our tool to quickly find and replace such words.